Outdoor adventure and sport has been driving people to the Rocky Mountains for years. Your driver likely came to Banff/Canmore for fresh tracks and mountain hikes.

Dasha Gaiazova

Dasha is a member of the Canadian Cross-Country Ski Team and a 2010 Vancouver  & 2014 Sochi Olympian. She calls Banff her home and is a Banff Airporter®® sponsored athlete. Dasha began skiing in her native country of Russia at the age of 12. Her family moved to Montreal in 1999 and she joined Ski Elite Club, and was coached by Luc Germain, and assistant coach Pierre Brabant. Unlike so many of her teammates, she did not come from a sport-oriented family, however, she was attracted to cross-country skiing by the social aspect of the sport. It was these meaningful friendships that have kept her committed to the training and pursuit of excellence in cross-country skiing. Follow her dreams at

Banff Centre Artists

Every year, over 6000 artists, creators and thinkers from across Canada and around the world participate in Banff Centre programs — we’re the largest arts incubator on the planet. The Banff Airporter®® helps us to get our artists to and from our mountaintop campus for their programs and residencies. We sincerely value our relationship with the Airporter — thanks for supporting the arts!

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Every year, Banff Airporter®® provides invaluable transportation services for the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival – from escorting our VIPs and special guests to and from YYC, to providing a green, complimentary around-town shuttle service for our audience from their downtown hotels to the campus of The Banff Centre. We trust Banff Airporter®® to ensure that our guests will arrive safe and happy to be in Banff! Thanks for your continued support – we couldn’t do it without you!

Rockies Ride for Kids Foundation

The Rockies Ride for Kids Foundation, created under the umbrella of the Bow Valley Community Foundation, was established in May 2007. The goal of the Foundation is to assist less fortunate children in the Bow Valley, mainly the Alberta communities of Lake Louise, Banff, Canmore and Exshaw, gain access to organized sporting programs. Although the Bow Valley is perceived by many to be affluent, there are many families struggling to make ends meet financially and organized sporting activities are out of reach for their children. The creators of the Foundation, three Canmore residents, recognized an opportunity to create an endowment fund where assistance can be provided indefinitely to children in need.The main source of fundraising for the Foundation is through an annual bicycle ride affectionately called the Parade of Pain. This one day ride was inaugurated in 2007 with 22 participants cycling 235 km from Jasper to Lake Louise, Alberta along the breathtaking Columbia Icefields Parkway. Subsequent rides presented a variety of mountain cycling routes, all providing very challenging 200+ km rides in the Rockies. The 2012 ride will be a two-day 400km ride from Bow Summit, Alberta to Blue River, British Columbia. It will be the most challenging ride yet! To date, funds from the Foundation have been  dispersed to support the Sunshine Adaptive Ski Program, the Bow Valley chapter of KidSport, Canmore Minor Soccer, the Canmore Illusions Gymnastics Club, Canmore Minor Hockey, the Rundle Mountain Cycling Club, the Canmore Cohos Swim Club and the Banff Alpine Racers. We continue to look for other beneficiaries where a direct and significant impact can be attained. More information can be found on the Bow Valley Community Foundation website ( under News and Events.

Various Other Local Charities

Banff Airporter® also donates to various other local charities.