Guide to Outdoor Wedding Locations

Here are our top 3 outdoor wedding locations to get married in Banff.

Tunnel Mountain Reservoir

One of the most iconic places to get married in the Town of Banff is at Tunnel Mountain Reservoir with a beautiful Rundle Mountain greeting you as a backdrop. It’s located behind Buffalo Mountain Lodge and the view that opens up is breathtaking with nothing but mountain peaks on your horizon. Bookings can be made directly with the Town of Banff.

Vermillion Lakes

Intimate elopement but afraid of helicopter ride and heights? No worries. You can make your way out to Vermillion Lakes which is just a short 5 minute drive from the downtown core. You can choose between 3 different docks for your intimate registration with stunning views of Mount Rundle, Buffalo Mountain and Sulfur Mountain to name a few with a beautiful glimmering water front. Choose dawn or dusk for a vibrant play of colors reflecting on the lakes.

Lake Minnewanka

In a short 25 minute drive from downtown Banff you will find yourself in the picturesque Lake Minnewanka well loved by locals and out-of-towners alike. No matter which season you are planning your wedding for, this beautiful glacier lake and its surrounding shoreline will gift you with memories to hold forever.