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Community Sponsorships

As a locally owned and operated business we care about our community and about the people that call Banff home.


Outdoor adventure and sport has been driving people to the rocky mountains for years. Your driver likely came to Banff/Canmore for fresh powder and mountain hikes. As such, Banff Sedan® is a proud supporter of two of Canada’s top athletes.[/column][/row]

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Banff Sedan® and the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival

“Every year, Banff Sedan® provides invaluable transportation services for the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival. From escorting our VIPs and special guests to and from YYC, to providing a green – complimentary in-town shuttle service for our audience members. We trust Banff Sedan® to ensure that our guests will arrive safe and happy to be in Banff! Thanks for your continued support – we couldn’t do it without you.”

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Various Other Local Charities

Banff Sedan® also donates to various other local charities.
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